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The Basics The Basics Our basics range from office door monitors, hall door monitors, and more. Learn More Hall Door Monitors Hall Door Monitors These hall door monitors are designed to help create awareness of activity through blind doorways. Learn More Overhead Door Monitors Overhead Door Monitors Overhead door monitors alerts forklift drivers and pedestrians of dangerous encounters. Learn More Look Out Look Out Look out products are offered for racks, walls and come in ceiling hung options. Learn More Fit Packages Fit Packages The 'Fit' height warning sensors alert forklift operators of overhead obstacles that may be in the line of an elevated mast. Learn More Dock Watcher/ Monitor Dock Watcher/ Monitor DOCK WATCHER 1, 2 , 3 & 4 are designed to help create awareness of movement inside trailers. Learn More Indoor/Outdoor (Dual Use) Indoor/Outdoor (Dual Use) It detects motion with an exterior sensor from outside and alerts individuals and forklift drivers inside of potentially dangerous traffic on the other side of a door, overhead door, or opening with a bright red strobe. Learn More Collision Awareness “Save”ty Yellow Check out more safety products at our sister site, Savety Yellow Products. Learn More

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Collision Awareness products are designed to monitor any traffic & alert others, just around the corner. Our goal is to help your employees avoid accidents and reduce your exposure to liabilities.

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Quick Shipping, Mostly In Stock

Quick Shipping, Mostly In Stock

125,000 sq/ft MFG 20,000 sq/ft RDC

125,000 sq/ft MFG
20,000 sq/ft RDC

Prime Location In Logistic Channels

Prime Location In Logistic Channels

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